Saturday, June 11, 2011

Who needs a car when you have a Fietskar?

We decided when moving to the Netherlands that we would join the many Dutch cyclists and make biking our main mode of transportation, with the well run public transportation for longer distances. If you read this post you know that I am not the most graceful bike rider and that I was a little worried about how I would bike with our daughter. After considering my options and finding out the outragious cost of a bakfiets (the tricycle in that post) I decided that a bike trailer, or fietskar as they are called here, would be the best option. As luck would have it my husband's co-worker had a very nice one just sitting in his storage that he wanted to get rid of.

Our daughter loves it and I don't feel as though I need to put her in knee pads, elbow pads, a helmet and wrap her in bubble wrap just to go on a ride with me. I have had many successful trips back from the grocery store using the bike trailer. I have also found that it is handy to transport much larger items.

(NO, our daughter did not ride under the slide, she was at home with her daddy!)

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