Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cologne: Random

As with everywhere we go, we tried to catch a little of the randomness in Cologne as well.  The guy below was cleaning the glass awning with a hose as he was standing on it, I'm thinking it won't end up that clean and he will most likely slip and fall to his untimely death.

It was nice to have easy access to toilets as we toured the city.
I couldn't tell if this was Brad Lohaus or Larry Bird, but either way he is 1) new at his job or 2) not drumming up a lot of business.  Please vote in the comments.

Apparently the Dark Crystal was filmed in Cologne.

I don't have the most knowledge of European royalty, but I'm pretty sure this is the Queen of Germany.
The cowardly lion was also hanging around as seen in the photo above and the photo below standing like his stone bretheren in the fountain.

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