Monday, August 8, 2011

The Saga Continues....

Sorry for the lack of updates we have been traveling and hope to get you filled in on our newest adventures soon.

Our quest to find every Hawk Fan/Iowan in Europe has continued in full stride over the past month or so.

Encounters include:

Paris and at the American Cemetery in Normandy, which we just got back from and will blog about when we recover.

Cologne, we met a young man from Prairie High School wearing an Iowa Baseball shirt.

A store in our small village (like a walgreens) where we met some fellow Hawk fans in the checkout line.

Haarlem, we ran into a pack of Iowan's none of which were traveling together and are seen in the photo below.  We were heading into a museum that only allows 15 people in at once.  The couple noticed my Hawkeye polo and mentioned they were from Grimes.  As we talked about Iowa a middle aged guy showed up and he had taught at Iowa State.  As we were all talking a young man showed up and he was from Ankeny.  We then all went on the museum tour together.

The couple, the middle aged man in red, and the young man in green as we enter the museum.

On Iowa, Go Hawks

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