Saturday, October 1, 2011

How the Dutch do breakfast (and sometimes lunch)

The typical Dutchman loves his carbs! I think the rule is the more bread, the better. The thing that sticks out to me the most though is the toppings. The favored topping is hagelslag, which are sprinkles. Yes, sprinkles! Similar to the type that Americans put on ice cream or cupcakes. The type that as a child if you asked for them for breakfast you would get shot down quickly by any adult around. These sprinkles are enjoyed by all ages, both morning and mid day.

Another topping that at first I thought was quite odd is Speculoospasta. It is basically spice cookies that have been ground into a spreadable paste similar to the texture of peanut butter. Something didn't seem right about a cookie spread for your toast but of course we had to try it. Oh it is heaven!! I am hooked and may have to ship a case when we move back to avoid withdrawal. I try to only use in moderation but I really want to just dig right in with a spoon and eat it right from the jar.

As for the drinks at breakfast, there are many kinds (some strange to us and some not so strange). There is coffee, tea and milk. There is also karnemilk (buttermilk) as an option. I cannot bring myself to drink that one. Then there is the milk & fruit drink, which tastes a bit like watered down fruit yogurt.
This one is actually pretty good.

Eet smakelijk!
 (enjoy your meal)

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