Monday, November 7, 2011

Champions League - Ajax

In order to understand the culture you have to appreciate the games they love and play and there is no more important game to the Dutch than Voetball (Soccer).  Soccer has been called the ballet of the masses and is truly an art form when played at the highest level.  There is no higher level in the world than the Champions League so I purchsed tickets to all 3 of Ajax's (the Dutch champion) Champions League matches.  The first game was against Olympique Lyonnaise and the game ended 0 - 0.  The second game was against Dinamo Zagreb and Ajax prevailed 4 - 0 with some spectacular goals.  The final match is against Real Madrid.

Photos from my seat.

A photo of what I would call the "student" section.  These diehards sang and jumped the whole game. Very much like the Cameron Crazies.

At halftime the whole crowd sings Bob Marley which is rather surreal being in Amsterdam :)

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