Monday, December 5, 2011

All Night Long

I'm sure when Dr. Morgan Brown fought for the right to be free of the monarchy during the Revolutionary War he never envisioned that one day his great-great-grandson would compose the music of the Queen's Guard.  That fateful day in 2011 when we "felt it in our heart, and felt it in our soul" I'm sure both Dr. Brown and King George III rolled over their collective graves.  We however, "sang along"

"People dancing all in the street, see the rythym all in their feet"

 "We're going party, karamu, fiesta, forever"

"Let the music take control, we're going party liming, fiesta, forever, come on and sing along."

"Everyone you meet, their jamming in the street" (well except this guy)

It really did play out that way, and for your enjoyment the original video.  We should have known Lionel's grand plan was to have it played by the Guard at Buckingham Palace as his outfit in the video is eerily similiar to that of the Guard. Hmmm.....

And as an added bonus, quite possibly the creepiest video of all time:

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