Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Normandy - Longues sur Mer

Our second stop in Normandy was at Longues sur Mer which was part of the German Atlantic Wall coastal defense.  The site was home to four 152mm navy guns which were fortified in concrete protection.

A partially bomb fortification.

One of the bombed out guns.

A fully intact 152 mm navy gun.

Inside the cement fortification of the intact navy gun.

The size of the guns were larger than I had anticipated.

An ammunition bunker on the edge of a cornfield.  It was really eerie how similar the land was to that of Iowa.  When you were away from the sea you would not know if you were in Burlington or Bayeux.

Inside the bunker

The base of a piece of artillery.

The living space inside the base

On the horizon you can see the fortified arsenals peaking over the crops.

The view a Nazi commander would have had as the Allied boats arrived on D-Day.

Entrance to the lookout point above.

The view from the seaside of the lookout point.

The cliffs and terrain the Allies faced as they stormed the "beaches".

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