Thursday, May 31, 2012

Normandy - Pointe du Hoc

Point du Hoc sits between Omaha Beach and Utah Beach.  The site overlooks both areas and was considered a key point of the D-Day attack.  The area was bombed with over 10 kilotons of explosives (equivalent to the power of the Hiroshima bomb) which will become evident in the pictures below.

One of the initial craters you see walking in.

This photo gives some perspective on the size of the craters.

Omaha "Beach", what the Rangers had to climb when they arrived.

The Pointe

Bombed out casemate

The view the Nazi's would have had as the Allied force came upon them.

The Pointe du Hoc monument which is perpetually cared for by the American Battle Monument Commission.

The cliffs that the Rangers had to climb while being shot at.

A view of the craters

The bombed out casemates

100 yards later, it was as if we were back in Iowa

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