Monday, January 16, 2012

Edinburgh - The Festival

Our trip to Edinburgh coincided with the Edinburgh Fringe Festival which brought the city to life at all times of the day.  It is the world's largest arts festival and this year lasted 25 days with over 40,000 performances and 2,500 shows.  Some were better than others but there was always something to keep us entertained.

I think this was the cast of Glee.

A wannabe female version of Flight of the Conchords.  Didn't work so well.

Audience particpation isn't always recommended. 

You can tell my man was working hard though.

They had bands along the street.

And of course a few pipers.

He started with Scotland the Brave, transitioned to the Marine Corp Hymn in an ode to my father, and finished out with I've Been Working on the Railroad.

This entertainer from Portugal drew a large crowd.

I think I should have called the Guiness Book.

An Asian entertainer drawing up some business

And what's a festival without a french guy on a unicycle in a skirt.

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