Sunday, January 15, 2012

Edinburgh - The Food

When it comes to food, Edinburgh is my type of town.  And it all started with a tremendous, tremendous, breakfast at The George Hotel each morning.  It was quite possibly the greatest breakfast I have ever eaten and we got to enjoy it for 5 straight days.

I would usually start the breakfast with the back bacon on french toast.

Then it was time to move on to the buffett for: black pudding, haggis, fried potatoes, and more back bacon.

A small sampling of some scottish favorites: short bread, haggis, tatties (I believe)

And what would a trip to Edinburgh be without some fish, chips, and mint peas courtesy of Garfunkels.

The most recommend "Chippy" was Cafe Piccante and we decided to gorge ourselves there.

Our menu included fish, chips, and deep fried pizza (excellent).

Dessert was a deep fried snickers bar.

Ginger Beer < Root Beer

More fish and chips

After 5 or six straight meals of fish and chips the wife decided to go with some Italian.

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