Monday, January 30, 2012

Europes biggest (and most dangerous) playground - Linnaeushof

Even in the Netherlands, Saturdays should be reserved for the Hawks.  However, the wife had made plans to go with the neighbors to Europe's largest playground much to my chagrin and lobbying to stay home.

After you pay your entrance fee and enter the park, nary a worker is seen again. If you want to ride the zip line, you strap yourself in, hit the start button and away you go.

If you want to ride the Flintstone cars, climb the steps, shut the door if you so choose, and start peddling.

Notice the lack of straps, harness, or belts holding you in from falling 30 feet.

 The daughter about to be flung out of the ride.

Well this is a little safer way to ride the swings but notice the angled metal merry-go-round in the background.

A little help please.

This playground is brought to you by Marlboro.

Calculating her odds of surviving the day.  Looked to be about 50/50.

At least there is a little bit of netting.

About an hour in to our adventure at Linnaeushof, the neighbor kids and my daughter wanted to go on the ferris wheel.  The wives were getting lemonade and I thought my daughter would be to small for the ferris wheel and could fall off similar to the swings that were posted above.  So I sat with my daughter on the ferris wheel of death and the neighbor father peddled the ride (similar to the stock photo below)

Unfortunately as our cart reached the top, it flipped completely flinging my daughter and I out. I held the daughter, grabbed one of the spokes, and landed on the axle.  After getting everyone safely down, the daughter was fine however my finger looked very similar to this.

After letting the shock wear off, we headed to the first aid station.  The lady working went to get the "nurse", when she saw my finger she looked like she was going to pass out and said she needed to get her supervisor (the "nurse" happened to be the same lady who sold the tickets at the front gate).  After waiting for 10 minutes I popped my finger back into place and kept waiting.  The supervisor finally came and recommend we tape it and showed no concern that the ride had flipped me out.

We spent the rest of the day at the playground, and I made it home to see Iowa beat the sisters of the poor (University of Louisiana Monroe) with one apologetic wife.

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