Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Locked Up Abroad

If you have ever seen the show Locked Up Abroad you know that a foreign prison is not a place you ever want to visit.  I recently had some items smuggled into the country and thankfully none of the mules ended up in prison.

I'm not sure how the BBQ Sauce got here but hopefully it wasnt' like this.  I don't ask questions though.

The good news is that the sauce made it here safe and sound.  A big thanks to the BBQ "mules" who brought it here.  We now have the enjoyment of Al & Irene's, Cookies, and Sweet Baby Rays.

The World Is Mine!

* Disclaimer for any lawyers who are related and may be reading while having a mini-meltdown (you know who you are), it is not illegal to bring BBQ sauce into the country

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