Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Louvre

We couldn't go to Paris and forget to visit The Louvre so set aside half a day to take it in. A big thank you to Grandma who watched our daughter while we took in the exhibits that day.  It wouldn't have been nearly as nice with all of the stairs that you have to navigate.
Despite the original negative press surrounding I. M. Pei's pyramids, I thought it added a nice look to the Louvre and the surroundings.  If you ever get to the Louvre make sure that you don' t go in the main entrance which is pictured.  The fastest way is through the Carousel de Louvre shopping center just off of the Louvre.

An ostentatious stature of Louis XIV who we learned a lot about while visiting Paris.  Look for a follow up post on his Palace in Versailles.

Underneath the entrance to the Louvre

One of the highlights was the statue of Silvius Evandrus Ruth, the first triple crown winner and three time MVP of the Florentian League.  Unable to choose between all the teams he played for he chose to enter the hall of fame uniformless.

Winged Victory of Samothrace was an inspiring peace and originates from the 2nd century BC.

The crown jewels of France.

Mona Lisa from a far

Mona Lisa a little closer

Almost there

And here she is

A head on a platter

We were amazed at the sheer size of some of the paintings, including the crowning of Napoleon.

Venus de Milo

Gummy de Milo

What do you think of this one Beavis?

There is so much to see at The Louvre that we chose to see the main highlights, of which some were included above.  After that we chose to explore the Egyptian wing which we have included a few highlights below.

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