Monday, September 19, 2011

Paris - The Food

One of the many great things about Paris was the food.  Many of the items were new to us and the majority we really enjoyed.  Feel free to play guess who ate what as you proceed.  You can't go to Paris without having Escargot (not sure if that is true or if I just made it up) so we started with an appetizer of it.

Next on menu was a plate of roasted duck in an orange sauce.

And the meal was capped off by some profiterolls

Another meal started with a carrot salad ( this one will be a tough guess)

And included free water which is always a plus over here

A steak and potatoes were next
Along with chicken with cream sauce and rice

And some chocolate ice cream for dessert!

The birthday dinner included a filet of fish (very french sounding) at Cafe Charlot in the Marais District

With a chicken salad

A quick lunch brought paninis and some tremendous dessert.

Underneath the rasberry powder was a chocolate lava cake

As we were in Paris for 7 days we made time for an American burger which was delicious.

Even the Coca-Cola is fashionable in Paris, the Karl Lagerfeld and Daft Punk editions

Mmmm.... Roasted Pig

And duck

Not sure what type of sausage this was but it was fantastic

And some slow roasted beef.

The menu for this dish was translated incorrectly, I thought I was getting duck breast with garlic apples (not sure what that would have been like) but ended up getting duck breast with garlic potatoes which were great. 

And of course we had to get a crepe.

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