Monday, September 26, 2011

Paris - Random

As you are most likely a frequent visitor to this blog :) you know that we like to post some of the random things we see on our adventures.

If you have ever been to Paris then you have most likely seen the hoards of salesman with mini eiffel towers on humongous key rings or other assorted knick knacks on blankets.  They always have one eye out for the cops as well.  At the Eiffel Tower we saw the cops try to take down one ring of sellers however they got across the street which we assume was no longer in jurisdiction and just taunted the police.  Look for a fine piece of street junk as one your gifts this Christmas.

At Sacre Coeur we saw the purse sellsers get busted with all the Louis Vitton and Coach bags being comfiscated. 

Billy Ray here played a mean Saxophone, probably the best European mullet so far.

Herbie takes Paris.

A poor mans Kimbo Slice, and that is saying something.

When I first saw this sign I thought they were paying homage to our former President.

Table for 50 please.

1) The wife and I on a stroll through paris.

2) Oh Eddie, you shouldn't have

3) The lady on the right is just jealous

The Asian Elvis

Going tailgating!

When we entered this place I thought we would see photos of Larry the Legend, the 500, an empty football stadium, maybe even a Bobby Knight chair.  Unfortunately, this place had the term Indiana and Indian (as in Native American) very confused.  The entire place was done in Native American photos and signs.

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