Sunday, May 22, 2011

Brussels .... The Food

We spent a recent weekend in Brussels and have a lot to share about our experience.  This post will focus on the food that we sampled during our trip.

I did not know that the "French" fry was originally created in Belgium.  The secret to their cooking is the double dip.  Cook the fries, let them cool and drop them in again.  They were great.

Another item that is a must is chocolate which we also had a nice sampling of.

Mussels in Brussels is also recommended for a tourist so I obliged.

They have lots of beer as well.

The wife enjoyed this one.

And what would a trip to Belgium be without a Belgium waffle.  Unlike in America, the waffles here are more of a snack/dessert and they were as good as they look.

A nice suprise was found at the Giant (a McDonalds clone) where we ate as we waited for our train.  FREE REFILLS!  The first place in Europe that we have found such a thing.  I am a Giant fan and you should be too.

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