Monday, May 30, 2011

Scheveningen ... Are you a Spy?

Scheveningen is one of the eight districts of The Hague. Scheveningen is a modern seaside resort with a long sandy beach, an esplanade, a pier, and a lighthouse.  As the crow flies it is about 6 miles from our place.

Pronouncing Scheveningen was a test during World War II as German spies were unable to pronounce it the same as a native Dutch speaker.  We visited Scheveningen on Easter Monday which is a national holiday in the Netherlands.

A view of the pier from the boardwalk, in the foreground you can see the Tramampoline! Trabapoline! I mean trampoline farm.  Which is officially recommended by everyone's favorite pediatrician.

A view of the beach from the pier.

A fish pedicure which I think is a great idea, but the wife thinks is a terrible idea.

The end of the pier which doubles as a casino!

Another beach shot from the pier.

Why, there is Sir Elton John.  And who is that behind him?

If you guessed John F. Kennedy you would be WRONG!  Before I tell you the answer, know that Dutch supergroup Golden Earring is featured on the opposite side of Elton.  The man in the middle is the headliner!  Yes indeed folks, that is Canadian heart throb Bryan Adams!  Teenage girls from the early to mid 90's are squealing somewhere.  Unfortunately, teenage girls from the early to mid 90's do not buy concert tickets so the concert had to cancelled.  True Story.

 The Kurhaus, a hotel built in the 1880's.

View of the Kurhaus from the pier.

Picture of one of the scores of restaurants along the boardwalk.

Typically I am a big fan of globalization, however the one downside to globalization is that the Jersey Shore vibe seemed to have made it across the pond.

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