Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Literal Shitstorm

The stop that I meet the train for work is just off of a field that always has horses and cows roaming around.  I see more cows, horses, sheep, and other various animals in the Netherlands than I have ever seen in my "rural" state.  Occasionally the stop has smelled a little like an Iowa farm but not often and not overwhelming.

The view from my stop:

Monday was a different story when it was literally raining shit.  Monday was also the first day that it really rained since we have been here (about a month, and I am told somewhat of a new record).  As I walked up to the station it began to smell like the old monkey "cage" at Bever Park Zoo, but as I reached the platform the stench made the Bever Park Zoo smell seem like flowers.

If you take a closer look at the picture above and the zoomed in version below you will see the root of all evil.


This is what one looks like in action and resembles what was going on that morning:

As it was windy and rainy, it felt as if you were in a shit storm.  I could almost taste it, my only reprieve was hiding behind one of the advertisements on the platform of the stop.

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