Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mmm... Pannenkoekenhuis

With all of the restaurants in our area, I have yet to see a typical "Dutch" restaurant! Pannenkoekenhuizen (pancake houses), however, seem to be very popular here. We decided on Sunday that it was time to try one. After the perilous bus ride (I think our bus driver was having a horrible, no good, very bad day), we made it safely to the pancake house. We decided on the Oudt Leyden, which is believed to be the oldest pancake house in the world and has served Winston Churchill and the Dalai Lama. A pannenkoeken is much larger and thinner than American pancakes and the toppings range from meats, cheeses, vegetables and eggs to fruit, cinnamon, nuts and sugars. I decided on apple, banana, raisin and cinnamon on mine which I shared with our daughter. My husband wanted apple, cinnamon and sugar.

This is what arrived for my daughter and I...
(No, that is not a minature fork!)

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