Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ajax v Real Madrid

I was excited for the match as Real Madrid is one of the premier soccer clubs in the world.  Unfortunately, this was the final match in the round robin play and Real Madrid had already qualified for the next stage so they did not bring all of their superstars.  Cristiano Ronaldo sat out but Kaka played.

They take soccer serious here. 

I thought there was going to be a mass stampede out of the stadium, but everyone remained calmed and acted like it was no big deal.  Apparently it is not a big deal and this happens all the time.  The only downside was that the roof was closed for this game and the smoke lingered.

Even with a loss, Ajax could qualify for the next stage of the tournament.  They had a six goal differential over Olympique Lyonaisse and at half things were going well.  However, it went downhill in the second half.  Ajax scored two goals that were not counted due to offsides calls (replay showed that they were clearly not offsides) and Olympique scored half a dozen goals against Dynamo Zagreb at the same time. 

Ajax was bounced from the tournament due to poor officiating and what many believe was a fixed match of Olympique v Dynamo. 

However, in positive news Ajax drew Manchester United in the Europa Cup which they were relegated to.  Tickets have been ordered, can't wait for the game.

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