Thursday, February 9, 2012

Rome - Lodging

For our trip to Rome we decided to try something different.  We had read online that a great way to visit Rome was to stay at a convent.  We researched it and decided to give it a go, although we hedged our bets and booked the convent for 4 nights and a hotel for 2 nights.  One of the limitations of staying at a convent is that they usually will have a curfew.  A curfew didn't present a constraint for us as we obviously travel with a toddler.  The curfew for our convent was 11pm.

Our view of St. Peter's Basilica at night.

Another look during the day.

The convent was part of The Sisters of Charity of Saint Mary

While it didn't offer modern decor, it was very spacious and clean.  We tried to tell the sisters that they did not need to provide housekeeping each day but they always did.

While we didn't speak the same language (she spoke spanish and italian) we came to have a strong bond with this sister.  She was of great help in working with the airline to get our luggage found and delivered (it never made our flight and arrived 36 hours after we did.)

After checking out of the convent we moved over to our four star hotel.  While it was modern and clean, it was not spacious.

We could barely fit the pack 'n' play in the room.

The staff wasn't very friendly either.  If we had to do it over we would stay at the convent the whole time and wouldn't think twice about it.

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