Friday, February 17, 2012

Rome - The Food

One of the great things about Rome was the food and the service.

Our first day we ate at a tourist trap, which we don't recommend doing.  The pasta was alright but..

It may have been the worst driest piece of cake we have had.

We learned our lesson and found a great little diner in the Trastevere neighborhood that didn't skimp on the water like many of the places in northern Europe.

We ate a lot of pizza on the trip

The pasta carbonara was very good as well

Did I mention I liked the fact that I didn't have to go through the day parched?  We also ate lots of breads and oils.

Rome was also home to the fanciest McDonalds we have been in, it is just down the street from the Spanish steps.

More pizza, but this one had a butter/garlic sauce

 The gnocchi was a great way to start a meal

We had these a few mornings

I'm not big on tomatoes but these were the best tomatoes I have ever had

Did I mention we ate a lot of different pizzas?

Never seen this before

We ended up at another tourist trap which was a fail

And what's a trip to Italy without eating some Cannoli?

They didn't dissappoint

And finally our favorite place to eat in Rome.  Forna la Renella in the Trastevere neighborhood.  It is a must go to if you are in Rome.  The potato, rosemary, and olive oil pizza was tremendous and different than anything we have had before.  We also went with a more traditional ham and fresh mozzarella pizza.

You take a number, they call you, you tell them how much you want, they cut it off, weight it, and out you go.

We had to go back again the night before we left Rome.

In addition to the pizza Forna la Renella bakes the majority of the bread for the restaurants in Trastevere.

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